7 Proven Ways To Increase Your Targeted Site Traffic


Among the most challenging things for online advertising agencies is to increase your targeted site traffic. There are various ways to do this but if you want quick results, you should opt for paid advertising which does work. You might not desire to try this if you are a beginner as you will need to make a series of tests to determine whether your landing pages or sales funnels convert.


Numerous web marketers fail online because they do not know how or what to do to produce the targeted web asset traffic required to make their site successful. This article discusses 7 proven methods that will help you get more targeted site traffic.


  1. Blogging


Frequently posting original helpful content to an individual blog site will likewise help you obtain more targeted site traffic.


The posts you publish on your blog site can have links back to your other sites which are recalled links. These back links help enhance Page Rank in Google.


  1. Article Marketing


Another great way to increase your targeted website traffic is to write keyword optimized posts for your web visitors. Article marketing, as it is called, will help generate targeted website traffic that already wants to know more about your services and products.


There are several ways you can promote your articles:

* Use an article submission service such as isnare or post online marketer

* Send them to major short article directory sites such as goarticles.com, ezinearticles.com, and short article control panel

* Trade your short articles directly with other webmasters.

*  Use a semi-automated content submission software such as Instant Article Submitter or Article submitter Pro.


  1. Linking


Not all links are created equal. There are lots of approaches to get inbound links. First you need to send your site to all of the directories in your subject area. Second, search for similar, however non-competing sites that you can trade links with. Many websites have automated connecting software that will look for a backlink and then include you immediately. Relating to comparable websites will also increase your targeted website traffic.


Other methods to increase your links consist of:

* Purchase Links from web designers or a link broker.

* Link Exchange Services such as Link Vault or Link Metro.

* Joint Venture (fellow marketer's contacts or subscribers’ lists).

* Lists.

* Opt-in List (offer a lead magnet and create an opt in page)

* Co-Registration Lists.

* Safe Lists.


  1. Marketing.


* Pay Per Click or PPC such as Google, Adcenter, MSN, YPN, and so on

* Ezine Advertising where you advertise in various newsletters

* Offline Advertising such as leaflets, direct mail etc.


  1. Classifieds

* US Free Ads

* eBay

* Craigslist


  1. Forums.


Forums are an outstanding way to increase your targeted website traffic as you react and start topics in online forums, you end up being familiar and relied on. Never blatantly market your items. More often than not, online forums allow a signature where you can position links to your websites. This signature is typically placed under your posts.


Regularly utilizing these methods will assist you increase your targeted site traffic. The web marketer with the most links and targeted website traffic wins.


One of the most difficult things for network online marketers is to increase your targeted website traffic. Many sites have automated connecting software application that will look for a backlink and then add you immediately. Connecting with comparable websites will also increase your targeted site traffic.


Online forums are an exceptional method to increase your targeted website traffic as you respond and begin topics in online forums, you become familiar and trusted. Many forums enable a signature which is an area under your posts where you can place links to your websites.


  1. Social network.


# Social Bookmarking

* YouTube

* Social Multi-Media Networks

* Google Video

* Podcasts (release your own podcasts)


# Social Networks.

* Direct Matches

* MySpace

* Squidoo

* AdlandPro


# Social Voting

* Reddit

* Digg

* Netscape

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