The online marketing business is flourishing and becoming more diverse than ever before. People who saw it coming and joined the bandwagon before everyone else realized its full potential became among the successful Internet marketers. Capitalizing on their personal computer unit with a dial-up connection, basic knowledge on online marketing, some creativity, and wild imagination, they took the plunge and won. Why wouldn’t they? Unlike other businesses, online marketing business has low to no barriers to entry. You don’t need a massive amount of capital to start, and you can even operate without the usual business permits. All that you really need is confidence in yourself, believing that you can do it!

Nowadays, online marketing has become easier to reach with the advent of social media. Facebook, for one, provides all the resources that you need to learn the ropes of Facebook advertising, and they have a vast amount of traffic waiting to see what you have to offer.

To date, Facebook has near to a billion signed up users from all over the globe. From a business point of view, that’s a substantial piece of earnings pie. In fact, getting a little slice of that pie can set you and your organization for life. Unfortunately, Facebook is torn into two camps. One believes that Facebook advertising works, and the other believes that it doesn’t. With this dilemma, it’s pretty tricky to say which side is correct. But thanks to Andrew Lipsman, comScore’s VP of Industry Analysis who attempted to enlighten us on these two different conclusions.

According to Lipsman, it’s quite challenging to figure out which side is right generally because there are inadequate data to back up the different generalizations. Simply put, it’s still a thinking game at this moment.

Let’s eliminate that research study for a second and focus on why people firmly insist that Facebook advertisements work.

People who are logged in to Facebook can influence others to buy products or check out a particular business page. John Doe can LIKE your company’s Facebook page and recommends the page to his pals in the same area.

The good news is, Facebook doesn’t make it that challenging. With Facebook, it’s simple to specify your demographics generally since everything’s there; the age, sex, and even cultural background of your customers are there in their profile. Facebook makes this simple for you by allowing you to create a Facebook page where individuals who belong to your marketing group can check out.

Third, Facebook makes it simple for you to interact with your clients. Recently, Facebook has actually added a REPLY feature where page admins can reply to specific comments within the page. This translates to quicker and much better interaction in between business owners and customers. For instance, an electronic devices store can show their items on their Facebook page. The page admins will then be able to respond to queries if John inquires about the prices and spec of a particular gadget. And if you are a one-man band, you can also take advantage of chat bot wherein you can setup your Facebook page messenger and give immediate responses to frequently asked questions.

So, to answer why Facebook advertising works, simply because the market is already there. Online marketers just need to do their homework to know what works and what doesn’t.


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