As more and more marketing companies see the value of social media marketing, a lot of businesses are starting to look deeply into Facebook advertising. But there are those who are still trying to uncover if marketing on Facebook really works or it is merely another fad of the day where people get to crowd over it, and after that bit by bit, they will lose interest after the climax has passed. Are users truly clicking into what they see on Facebook? Or if they are clicking, are they buying what is marketed?

Why do businesses advertise on Facebook?
This is somewhat observable, the heavy influx of ads on Facebook. It’s primarily because of the heavy traffic Facebook is receiving, with about 108 million members are logging in every month and still counting. There are two main factors why ad service providers like to promote in Facebook.
Facebook provides essential information that an ad service provider needs. As the users reveal their location, sex, age, workplace, education, and marital status, advertisement agencies can categorize and zero-in their clients.

– Just to get exposed. Exposure in Facebook is not like the direct selling that the profit is instantly seen. It has to do with building connection. Like most of the important things that are constructed on a strong foundation, getting the fruit of your labor from Facebook advertising takes some time. The profits will hit you when the time comes your advertisement gets clicked.

Does it actually work?
Definitely! A survey based on Inside the Facebook, advertising companies claimed that they were able to get their revenue in one year in a tremendous 177%. That is a big break! This success is relative, though. The majority of the surveyed individuals are from age 18-34 years old. They plainly specified that the advertisements they take notification about are the home entertainment classification like music and films. Fashion is also most likely to get their attention. When a good friend is utilizing the product that is flashed on their page, the Facebook user would certainly click that ad. However, the study is not so sure if the advertisement will press through the Facebook user’s minds.

Nonetheless, Facebook is still the best location to market. Although a 100% success is not guaranteed. The return of financial investments still depends on the method that you use, such as your ad copy, how engaging your pictures are, and the quality of the product or services that you offer. Facebook can provide you with the things you may need as you select your target market. But it cannot guarantee 100% success in your marketing.

There are two main reasons why ad companies love to market on Facebook.
Facebook offers the necessary information that an ad provider needs. A study based on Inside the Facebook, ad service providers mentioned that they were able to get their income in one year in a massive 177%. When a friend or an influencer is using the product on the ad, and that advertisement is flashed on their page, the Facebook user would certainly click on that advertisement. Other than that, the study is not so sure if the ad will press through the Facebook user’s minds.

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